"What’s most important about music is not in the notes."- Gustav Mahler


My name is Bart Klijnsmit and I am currently active as choir director, organ player, church musician, continuo player and as an accompanist to solo vocalists and choirs and as a private teacher.

I have studied at the conservatories of Utrecht and Zwolle among others. My teachers, among others, were Nico van den Hooven, Dorthy de Rooy for organ and Ms and Mr Smit for piano.

I studied one year in Bremen with Prof Baumgratz on a scholar ship from the EU (Organ and Improvisation).

In 2006 I wanted to deepen my understanding of church music and choir direction. Therefor I attended the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague.

I studied Church Music, Gregorian Chants/Music and Church Choir direction under  Theo Goedthart, Improvisations under Jos van der Kooy, harmony under Bert Mooiman,  and choir practice under Jos van Veldhoven.

I am currently working as a church musician for the Catholic church St Urbanus in Bovenkerk. I am also appointed organist at the Grote Kerk van Schermerhorn.

Additionally I am director the Christian Singing Group Halleluia from Schermerhorn.

I also play a French harmonium and a clavichord. I am in possession of  a private  collection of unusual instruments which I use during my concerts.

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